You may be exploring your options in hopes of receiving Social Security Disability benefits to help support you or your family. If you are looking to be approved for SSDI after a consultative examination, it is helpful to know the next steps to stay on track for receiving benefits.

We understand that the application process can be confusing and unnerving, especially without aid to understand exactly what the Social Security Administration (SSA) is asking for in regards to your medical history.

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Why Did the SSA Order a Consultative Exam?

Most often, a consultative exam is ordered after the Disability Determination Services (DDS) has received and reviewed all of your medical records and doctor examinations. At this point, the DDS may feel that more evidence is required to make an appropriate decision about your qualifications for disability.

The SSA will prefer to go back to your physician (treating source) for additional information or clarifications about your medical condition. Additionally, they may require an additional medical exam from a “qualified” medical source.

In the case of a request for an additional examination, there will be times when the SSA will utilize an independent source. These instances include:

  • The treating source prefers not to perform the exam.
  • You prefer another source to perform the exam.
  • There are conflicts or inconsistencies that cannot be resolved through the treating source.
  • There is prior history that the treating source may not be the best fit for the exam.

Ideally, the medical source who provides the additional examination will have a “good understanding” of how SSA disability programs work, including the evidence requirements. The SSA does allow for support staff to help the medical source perform the consultative examination.

– There are other possible reasons that the SSA will request a consultative exam. These specific reasons include:

What’s Next After a Consultative Exam?

After your consultative examination, you must wait to receive an answer from the DDS. Typically, the consulting doctor will send their evaluation results to the DDS within 10 business days of the examination.

The determination from this evaluation may take even longer if more tests are required, if a new condition has developed, or if the case requires another step through a technical or quality review.

Our recommendation is to remain patient following the consultative examination. And, be sure to provide any follow-up information when prompted as your case goes through the review process.

Here to Help With the SSDI Process

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