Do you have a prolonged injury that has impacted your ability to work? If you consulted with a doctor about the injury, sometimes there is a discrepancy between a doctor’s assumptions about an injury and the patient’s actual experience.

If you find yourself saying, “My doctor says I can work but I can’t,” you may be wondering what to do next. And, is there possible financial relief?

There could be relief in the form of Social Security Disability benefits. Crest SSD is here to help you understand whether you may be eligible for benefits and to help relieve stress about continuing to work through the injury.

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What if My Doctor Says I Can Return to Work?

First, it is important to recognize that you know your capabilities best. However, your eligibility to receive disability benefits is contingent that your physician and medical records provide supporting evidence for your claim. It is helpful to know that you still have options to remedy this problem.

1. Communicate With Your Physician

If your doctor believes you can continue to work, but you do not agree, there is most likely a miscommunication issue. This can be remedied by simply communicating your concerns.

Focus on pain levels, difficulties with daily tasks and activities, fears about being able to complete the level of work expected in your role, and type of strenuous work you perform.

If your doctor is releasing you to full work, ask if it is possible to do a trial run for a few weeks on light duty to gauge your health levels, then report back your findings to the doctor.

Overall, be sure to establish a good relationship with your health care provider by abiding by their advice and follow care instructions. This will help produce accurate medical records.

2. Seek a Second Opinion

If communicating your concerns with your physician did not resolve the problem and your doctor still says you can work but you do not feel ready, it may be time to seek another opinion.

Find another doctor in your network and be sure to communicate your concerns with continuing to work. Also, relay information about the findings from your previous doctor.

The opinion from a second health care provider will help you determine if you can continue to work through the prolonged injury or if you need to consider applying for disability benefits.

Call Crest SSD to Discuss Your Medical Concerns

We know that a prolonged injury is difficult to continue working through. If you’ve tried to continue at current work levels, but your body is not responding, it may be time to discuss options.

We are prepared to help you with your Social Security Disability claim if that is the best option for you. Our team is skilled in making sure you have the proper medical evidence to support your claim and help you win your case.

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