Why Hire an SSD Representative?

Studies have shown that the average lifetime benefits a person receives from winning a Social Security Disability claim are often more than $200,000. Quite simply, you should not make a big mistake and risk losing out on this money. It’s best to hire a professional to help you. Also:

  • Statistics show that your claim’s approval can be increased by 75% just by using the services of experienced disability representatives
  • We know the law and the steps to take to help you qualify for benefits
  • SSD applications are long, tricky, and hard. We make sure everything is answered correctly so that your benefits aren’t denied by a technicality
  • Often, claims are denied merely for making an error on their initial application or for failing to return a specific form, but we hold your hand the entire way so that time-wasting mistakes like this aren’t made
  • You don’t pay us anything unless you receive benefits (see“Our Fees”)

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A Social Security Disability (SSD) representative could help your chances of being awarded benefits by 75%

In 2019, the average payout for SSD benefits has been around $1,236 per month, with the maximum being $2,788.
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